188RC101 Marika

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I knew the RC group in late 90's through Stephane (Thank you !!) . I forgot my QRZ of that passed time, but I liked those passed days, they made me get deeper into 11m. I grew up, but my passion for DX contact still remains . Us in the 188th Division, we're few , the GSM destroyed the CB, in the 90's we were more than 500 in a club, now few are on the air. I am coming back, and willing to stay until the propag goes away... I restored my old TS50 Kenwood and my 30Amps power supply , my old 1/4 GP 11m antenna. I am an IT person from head to toes, learning new stuff doesn't scare me., I am now learning CW even if others think it's obsolete.. I always dreamed about mastering it I love this group even though we're not often heard. Meet you on the air guys .. 73s from 188RC101 op: Marika

188RC101 Trafic condition

188RC101 Radio trafic conditions

Kenwood TS50 - 1/4 GP antenna sirtel - Power Supply Alinco 30 Amps - straight keyer

188RC101 DX Logs

QRZ QRZ Date Frequency Mode eQSL



2021-10-26 15:00:28 27505 USB



2021-10-26 12:31:51 27500 USB



2021-10-08 17:27:33 27610 USB



2021-10-08 11:49:12 27610 USB



2021-10-03 17:09:08 27550 USB

188RC101 DXCC

188RC101 confirms 4 DXCC with his Roméo Charlie callsign.