69RC455 Milton

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Start on the radio hobby at age 27 (1982), in Civil Banda CB and worked with the Red Cross of Costa Rica, many took the exam to get licensed Amateur Radio and also from remote areas inside the country, we managed communications with the support of amateur radio to the attention of emergency and disaster. My Godparents were TI4DOG and TI4VHL. Gradually I was dabbling in the world of DX and other modes supported by my cousin Luchy TI4ZLR.

For my service as a humanitarian worker for 48 years, my life has been very close to the radio hobby in earthquakes, hurricanes, tropical storms, refugee crisis in Central America and populations displaced by violence in Colombia, and always the radio and amateurs have been there, as friends, as brothers. As colleagues. 1984 DX pass to HF. For many years working with dipole antennas for 20 and 15 meters. These 40 years have been beautiful and full of humanitarian activity out to the hobby radio. In this great hobby I have good friends in my country and in the world. Now I enjoy listening to the radio, DX and also in UVH and VHF. Now I continĂșe near the CB DX.

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