The goal is to contact all the letters as quickly as possible ! Some “Joker” stations will help you if you are missing letters from the second week of the contest. But beware a complete log without JOKER will be priority over a log with JOKER!

Rules are availables here.

2020-12-05 to 2020-12-25

Stations to contact : 26RC/R, 14RC/C, 172RC/D, 102RC/X, 14RC/G, 16RC/R, 43RC/O, 201RC/U, 1RC/P, 30RC/S, 3RC/A, 61RC/N, 34RC/T, 14RC/A, 3RC/C, 14RC/L, 26RC/A, 3RC/U, 14RC/S, 26RC/J1, 56RC/J2, 14RC/J3, 79RC/J4

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