This trophy is open to all operators around the world (RC or no RC). The objective of this contest is to contact the more possible french regions activated by RC members.

Rules are availables here.

2021-01-31 to 2022-01-01

Stations to contact : 14RC/AR26, 14RC/BF71, 14RC/BF89, 14RC/BR22, 14RC/BR35, 14RC/CV18, 14RC/CV36, 14RC/CV41, 14RC/GE54, 14RC/HF60, 14RC/HF62, 14RC/IDF78, 14RC/NO50, 14RC/NA40, 14RC/OC31, 14RC/OC32, 14RC/OC34, 14RC/OC65, 14RC/OC66A, 14RC/OC66B, 14RC/OC81, 14RC/PL85, 14RC/PA83, 104RC/CO

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