In order to celebrate our 34th anniversary, we decided to organize an alphabet trophy. This trophy is open to all operators around the world (RC or no-RC). The purpose of this trophy is to contact all the letters as quickly as possible. JOKER stations will come to help you if you are missing letters. But beware a complete log without JOKER will take precedence over a log with JOKER. The winner will be the one who has contacted all the letters as soon as possible (In case of a tie it will be taken into account the sum of the positions on each log, the smallest will be the winner)

Rules are availables here.

2022-02-04 to 2022-02-28

Stations to contact : 14RC/R1, 14RC/O1, 14RC/M, 14RC/E1, 14RC/O2, 14RC/C, 14RC/H1, 14RC/A, 14RC/R2, 14RC/L, 14RC/I, 14RC/E2, 14RC/H, 14RC/B, 14RC/J1, 14RC/J2

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