RC Olympic Games PARIS 2024 Trophy

Published by : Romeo Charlie HQ
Publication date : 2024-05-26

RC OG2024 Banniere 1

RC Olympic Games PARIS 2024 Trophy

This challenge is open to all RC operators or not, hunters or activators

The goal is to contact a more possible 14RCxxx/OG

Dates : 26/07/2024 to 11/08/2024

The ranking will be like :

Hunter station

each 14RCxxx/OG in the log will count 1 point

Each french department will be a multiplier

14RC/OG (RC HQ station) will be a multiplier

 only 1 contact by activation will be valid

Activator station

1 point by station in the log

Each DXCC will count like multiplier

The ranking will be online on our website (http://www.rcqsl.com) when all activators operators will enter his log.

A eQSL to activator will be available on our web site (http://www.rcqsl.com)

List of activators (19/06/2024)

14RC/OG24 (RCHQ)
14RC018/OG24 (D18)
14RC022/OG24 (D22)
14RC026/OG24 (D65)
14RC035/OG24 (D35)
14RC052/OG24 (D26)
14RC065/OG24 (D31)
14RC066/OG24 (D66)
14RC079/OG24 (D79)
14RC081/OG24 (D81)
14RC107/OG24 (D59)
14RC110/OG24 (D02)
14RC115/OG24 (D35)
14RC116/OG24 (D34)
14RC123/OG24 (D78)
14RC126/OG24 (D13)
14RC133/OG24 (D60)
14RC140/OG24 (D83)
14RC162/OG24 (D62)
14RC165/OG24 (D62)
14RC166/OG24 (D66)
14RC182/OG24 (D82)
14RC185/OG24 (D62)
14RC216/OG24 (D11)
14RC226/OG24 (D11)
14RC267/OG24 (D22)
14RC275/OG24 (D63)
14RC278/OG24 (D60)
14RC295/OG24 (D82)
14RC315/OG24 (D45)
14RC320/OG24 (D01)
14RC352/OG24 (D52)
14RC401/OG24 (D40)
14RC415/OG24 (D85)
14RC501/OG24 (D50)
14RC555/OG24 (D65)
14RC729/OG24 (D29)
14RC904/OG24 (D54)

Trophy Manager : 14RC002 Carine

If you have any question, please send a mail to : 14rc002@rcdx.org


1 trophy to the 1st RC member
1 trophy to the 1st no RC member

1 trophy to the first activator

In case of equality, a drawing lots will be made

Good luck to all … RCHQ


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