RC Alphabet Trophy 2024

Published by : Romeo Charlie HQ
Publication date : 2023-12-06

RC Alphabet Trophy 2024

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RC Alphabet Trophy 2024

This trophy is open to all operators around the world (RC or no-RC)

The purpose of this trophy is to contact all the words "ROMEO CHARLIE DX GROUP"

Letters will be given by RC members around the world, see list below.

The winner will be the one who has contacted the more possible letters (In case of a tie it will be taken into account the sum of the positions on each log, the smallest will be the winner)

On online ranking will be publish on our web site and updated when the activators will update their log.


12/01/2024 (00h00 UTC) to 11/02/2024 (23h59 UTC)


Hunters stations : 

1 point by letter contacted

Stations activating a letter

1 point by station on the log, each DXCC is a multiplier

An activating station can also be a hunter

List of RC stations activating a letter (1pt by station contacted) :

5RC/R activated by 5RC001
57RC/O activated by 57RC108 
10RC/M activated by 10RC156
1RC/E activated by 1RC327
20RC/O activated by 20RC100 

6RC/C activated by 6RC666
14RC/H activated by 14RC162
108RC/A activated by 108RC001 
2RC/R activated by 2RC231 
18RC/L activated by 18RC118
30RC/I activated by 30RC117 
188RC/E activated by 188RC555

31RC/I activated by 31RC688
14RC/N activated by 14RC195
43RC/T activated by 43RC001 & 579 

3RC/D activated by 3RC010
26RC/X activated by 26RC777

3RC/G activated by 3RC019
163RC/R activated by 163RC001
14RC/O activated by 14RC170 
10RC/U activated by 10RC100
35RC/P activated by 35RC100

Activating station log: Download


Trophy for the first RC operator (hunter)
Trophy for the first non-RC operator (hunter)
Trophy for the first activating RC operator

Trophy Manager

No paper QSL, only eQSL! If you want a confirmation of some contacts by paper QSL, please contact the trophy manager before.

eQSL available on our website: www.rcqsl.com and an eCertificate to download

Alphabet trophy manager 14RC002 Carine

email address: 14rc002@rcdx.org


RC Alphabet Trophy logo

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